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The Wirtshaus

Cosy and stylish rooms are the characteristics of our Wirtshaus, You will find different rooms with the respective decoration and architecture according to their names.

The choice is yours: linger in the Schwemme (tap room), sit down in the Poststüberl or rather in the Ludwigsstüberl, the Jägerstüberl, the Kurfürstenstub´n or the Herzogstub´n.

Food And Beverage

Our dishes are authentic Wirthaus dishes and bavarian classics.

A Menu of the Day is offered with daily changing dishes.


Our Guest Rooms

One Wirtshaus, many beautiful rooms.

In the „Schwemme“, the heart of the Wirtshaus, you will find a cozy seat easily. The „Poststüberl“ with its postal curiosities tells stories of the mail coach era. In the „Ludwigsstüberl“ one lingers between paintings of King Ludwigs castles.

Hunting logde feeling will come up in the „Jägerstub’n“. The „Kurfürstenstub’n“ is elegant cozy. In this room you dine between antique wood panels and hunting scenes. The large and elegant-romantic „Herzogstub’n“ offers a direct entrance to the Beer Garden. The „Stadl“ (barn) is a copy of a real barn.



Celebrating at the „Königliche Hirschgarten“ has tradition!

We offer a variety of banquet ideas: from „reindl“ (small casserole) to a gala menu.We have the appropriate menu suggestions and rooms!

In the „Schwemme“, the heart of the Wirtshaus, a seating of up to 80 persons is possible. The „Poststüberl“ with its postal curiosities offers room for groups up to 26 persons. Between painings of King Ludwigs castles, groups up to 26 persons can be seated in the „Ludwigsstüberl“.

Hunting lodge feeling is offered in the „Jägerstub’n“. Up to 40 guests can have a homely celebration here.

For groups up to 70 persons, we recommend the „Kurfürstenstub’n“: Dining between antique wood panels and hunting scenes.

The large, elegant-romantic „Herzogstub’n“ offers space for up to 160 persons. From here you have a direct entrance to our beer garden.

The „Stadl“ (barn) is a copy of a real barn. Up to 150 party guests will find a place here.

You need a larger space for your celebration? By connecting the rooms, we can create space for groups from 56 up to 310 persons!

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